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Council Committee Voting April 16 on Funding for Affordable Housing

On Friday, April 16, the Montgomery County Council’s Planning, Housing and Economic Development (PHED) committee will take up a package of items relating to funding for affordable housing, we need you to be a champion for programs that support the preservation and production of new affordable housing in the county.

The PHED committee will take up the annual budget for the County’s housing trust fund, known as the Housing Initiative Fund (HIF), the creation of a dedicated fund for acquiring and preserving existing affordable housing, and the use of unspent funds set aside last year for affordable housing.

While the proposed budget for affordable housing production is up slightly over last year’s flat budget, the coronavirus crisis has exacerbated the housing crisis and shone a light on the lack of affordable units and how vulnerable residents are to losing their housing. COVID has only increased the urgency to accelerate the production of affordable housing.


Please email the Council to let them know that you agree and that now is the time to increase our investment in affordable housing.

We’ve made it easy for you; all you have to do is click here and a pre-populated email will open. Simply add your name and address to the bottom of the email and press ‘Send’!

Or you can copy and paste the text below, and edit to reflect what you would like to say. Thank you for being an advocate for access to affordable housing!

Sample Letter

Dear Council President Hucker and Members of the Council:

I am writing to express my support for robust funding of the Housing Initiative Fund (HIF), which supports the preservation and creation of affordable housing in Montgomery County. I request that the Council take the following actions this year as it concerns affordable housing:

  • Approve the creation and funding of the proposed Housing Opportunity Fund that will be used to preserve existing affordable housing
  • Approve the use of HIF resources to securitize a $50 million bond to accelerate the production of affordable housing
  • Utilize funding from the American Rescue Plan to support affordable housing

When the pandemic began, we were already in a housing crisis. For low-income residents, the financial fallout from COVID-19 has intensified issues of inadequate access to affordable housing and exacerbated related issues such as substandard housing and disproportionate rates of evictions.

We urge you to take bold action during this year’s budget process to address the lack of affordable housing in the County.

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