Stand With Us Today

Stand With Us Today

Dear Friend,

I am turning to you for help in these uncertain times. The federal government is considering significant cuts in many areas and a number of these would, directly and indirectly, threaten funding for programs that support our children and their families. We’ve never been ones to turn our backs to those in need, and, this time too, we are not willing to stand by and watch. We’re advocating on local and federal levels to share the importance of support systems for low-income families, and we’re looking for alternative ways to replace funds that may be lost, in particular for our homework clubs.

But we can’t do it alone; we need friends like you that we can count on. Together, we have to take the extra step to ensure that we can continue to serve the children, seniors, veterans, refugees, and others in need; they have to rely on us today more than ever.

You know the stories. You stood with us and supported those that need us most. Victims of Flower Branch Apartment fire. Little girl Ercilia that was bullied at school. Ms. Margie that, in her retirement, needed an affordable place to live. Jason, a teenager with a big heart and a dream.

For them, and for the many others we serve, please consider making a generous gift to MHP today. Stand with us again and be the strong voice that shows how much we care. The time is now. Thank you!


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