Spirit of MHP Winners

Each quarter, MHP recognizes a staff member who has gone above and beyond daily responsibilities to embody the Spirit of MHP. Selection is by a rotating committee of staff members. All staff can nominate a colleague for recognition.


MHP recognizes the COVID Outreach Team for demonstrating commitment, compassion and empathy in reaching out to MHP residents who are challenged by serious problems due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This committed group of employees and volunteers has reached hundreds of MHP residents and helped them connect to vital resources to address their issues, including job loss, food insecurity, medical needs, family crises, and possible eviction. With skill and compassion, this group interviews individuals and provides them with the resources they need to achieve stability and security. Bravo to all, especially our volunteers.

The outreach team is led by Chris Gillis, MHP’s Policy and Neighborhood Development Director. These are the other members of the outreach team:

Raquelle Contreras

Fatima Coreas

Martina Tinong

Jo Ann Woods

Stephen Durako (volunteer)

Cesia Delcid Hernandez (volunteer)

Eduardo Chaves Serrano (volunteer)


Fatima is the Community Engagement Specialist with MHP’s Neighborhoods Department. She is the glue that connects many aspects of MHP’s activities and programs. She is bilingual in Spanish (and has been a professional salsa dancer!). Fatima supports MHP’s Green Clubs for youth, helping plan special activities like a movie night. She has worked with residents to prepare them to advocate for affordable housing before the County Executive and County Council. Fatima meets with residents to help MHP develop programs that respond to their needs. Fatima is a valued teammate who embodies the Spirit of MHP through collaboration and creativity. She is willing to pitch in wherever she is needed.

Congratulations to:
Sulema Middleton Stewart
Ernst Aristor
Kony Brizuela
Gloria Castro
Estela Giron
Jenny Mendez-Guerrero
Nora Ortiz
Cleydi Pacheco
David Jorge
Jorge Ignacio Aguilar


MHP recognizes Sulema Middleton Stewart and her Community Life team for outstanding passion, service and commitment during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It has been an extremely confusing, overwhelming, and scary time with all the unknowns. The Community Life team immediately recognized that our communities were in need and sprang into action. Under Sulema’s leadership, the team has ensured that hundreds of donated bags of food have been delivered to families, in addition to more than 250 wellbeing calls made to check on families.

Sulema and the CL staff have been working tirelessly to ensure that residents and our program participants have everything that they need. From leading programming, creating ways to continue delivering classes and enrichment in compliance with social distancing requirements, checking in on parents, and managing donations, CL has provided program participants with a sense of consistency and comfort that have proven crucial during this time. The team also has found ways to keep contract staff employed, many of whom rely heavily on the extra income. What they have done for our communities is heroic. It comes from a place of love, compassion, and a level of commitment that goes beyond the daily call of duty. Some may call it the Spirit of MHP. Their enthusiasm and genuine care for our residents are evident in their everyday activities and especially during this extraordinary time.