Molly’s Story

Molly at playgroundMontgomery Housing Partnership is working hard to provide quality, affordable housing to low and moderate income families in Montgomery County and offer the support needed to help them succeed. With your support, we can continue to serve families such as Molly’s:

Molly is a wonderful person with a kind smile and a beautiful voice. She grew up in rural Montgomery County with six siblings in a 2-bedroom trailer with no running water or electricity. They had a beloved vegetable garden and went to church every Sunday. Molly sang in the church choir and music was her comfort. Shortly before she turned 12, a thunderstorm knocked down a nearby tree, and it destroyed their trailer and most of their belongings. They were forced to move and start over. Thankfully, Molly’s father was able to secure a new job with housing as a benefit. It is the first memory Molly has of having running water in her home. It is so easy to take for granted having a house and the role it plays in providing the stability from which to succeed.

Molly garden signMolly grew up, got married, and settled in Upcounty with her husband to raise their three children. Unfortunately, Molly’s marriage ended in a divorce, and she was forced to find a new place for herself and her two younger girls on one income. They ended up in an apartment that was unsafe and infested by roaches and rats. It was a nightmare. Then a friend told Molly about the townhomes MHP was renting to low and moderate income residents. Molly put her name on our waiting list and within three months, she and her kids were able to move to their new home. Molly lived in that house for 12 years; her daughters graduated from high school and went off to college. They were able to grow up in a safe neighborhood, in a place Molly could afford. Today, Molly lives as a happy empty-nester in MHP’s Halpine Hamlet community in Rockville, enjoying her time with grandchildren at the new playground and meeting neighbors at the new community garden.

With your support, MHP will be able to continue helping residents of our community, like Molly, and their families, as we have for the last 25 years. Your partnership allows us to provide affordable housing, empower families, and strengthen neighborhoods. Your support will enable us to expand our community life programs helping residents at our properties. It will allow us to serve some of over 100 people on our waiting list for pre-school after-school programs.

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