COVID-19 cases are going down. Vaccination rates are rising. The country is reopening. We’re making summer plans. Most of us see a glimmer of hope and the possibility of a return to the pre-pandemic “normal.” Unfortunately, for some, these are still very challenging times. For many of the people who were disproportionately impacted by COVID and who lacked the resources to start with, their struggles are not over.

How long will it take to recover from losing a minimum-wage job that made it difficult to make ends meet even under normal circumstances?

How long will it take to repay the debt accumulated over a year of lost wages?

Can they afford to take a few hours off work to get vaccinated?

Will the time off mean an already tight household budget will fall short?

With the support of our donors and partners, we’ve been striving to help level the playing field, providing fresh food for those in need, signing up families for unemployment and other assistance, bringing vaccination clinics to our communities, and helping pay for medical bills.  
But there’s more work to be done. Now is a critical time. Many of us are feeling hopeful, but we cannot forget those who, without our support, will be left behind.
Your timely gift to the MHP Resident Emergency Fund will allow us to provide more direct assistance so that as we move forward, no one is left behind.
Thank you!

Our Impact

In the time of pandemic, the way we deliver our programs may have changed, but our focus remains unwavering: housing people, empowering families, and strengthening neighborhoods.

Housing People

In 2020, we added 110 homes to our portfolio, preserving affordable homes in the District with our acquisition of Crescent Park Village in gentrifying Southeast DC.

Empowering Families

The pandemic and its restrictions made families’ needs more urgent today than ever. With young students learning from home, our role in closing the achievement gap and providing a constant presence has expanded, making sure our neediest students are not left behind. With pandemic restrictions came the loss of family income, medical expenses, difficulties accessing healthcare. We pivoted to support our families where they need it most: connecting them with resources and bringing help directly into our communities: food, Covid testing, flu shots, employment resources, financial assistance.

Strengthening Neighborhoods

Small neighborhood businesses are disproportionately impacted by the pandemic restrictions. We work with them to find creative ways to continue serving their customers, keep staff employed, and survive the economic pressures. From creating inviting outdoor spaces for restaurants, to promotional activities, to helping them access assistance and apply for grants and loans, we are here for them.