Help All Children Succeed

Dear Friend,
As the federal government considers their new budget, funding for MHP’s GATOR program is in jeopardy. Your support today will help Ercilia from the video above, and other children from low-income families, stay on track, succeed in school, and offer better opportunities in life for them, and for generations to come.

Here is what their parents say about GATOR:

“The program was very helpful in helping my son to improve in school. In the beginning school was difficult for him, but GATOR Club has gotten him on track and excited to learn.”


“I think it was a great program. My son achieved many goals during the school year. Thanks for all the great and awesome work all its staff put into it to make students improve their skills. Note: It would be great if GATOR Club would open more spaces for more students.”

And here is how we measure our success:

Grade-level reading proficiency more than tripled. Three years ago, only 20 percent of 3rd graders served were reading at grade level. By the end of the last school year, 70 percent of these kids, now attending 5th grade, were at grade level.

Your support will allow these students to continue this amazing trend. Please make a donation today to make a positive impact on these children and their families. Help us house people, empower families, strengthen neighborhoods. Thank you!


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